EXISTING Client Appointment Request

If you are an existing client and know what services you need, follow the link below to book your appointment! If you need a little help deciding, please follow the directions under “new client appointment request”.


NEW Client Appointment Request

If you are a NEW CLIENT please text the following information to me (yes text it) below and I will reach out to you with details as to how to become a client and get all the PERKS.

  • Name:

  • Photos of your current hair - front, back and sides. No filters!

  • Photos of your goal hair - colors, length, fullness etc.

  • Brief hair service history - last 2-3 years, at-home and professional services.

  • Hair density: thick // medium // thin

  • Hair texture: coarse // normal // fine

  • Please list any current hair concerns.

  • Availability for a 30 minute consultation Tuesday-Friday between 11-4:30 (extension guests only)

  • Services needed

  • If you could pick your ideal date to get these services done, when would it be?

Text these deets to me at 612-516-4062 and I will get back to you ASAP and we can start this magical hair journey together.

Keep in mind! I am a one woman show here at Perk so you text me to get me! I spend most of my time behind the chair and not behind the computer, so this helps me, help you, FASTER!

Can’t wait to connect!